Amy Ling’s first official blog post!!!

This is Amy Ling Event‘s very first post.  This post is very special to me so I’d like to dedicate it to my loving, creative and SUPER supportive husband, Paul Lee as well as my two adorable daughters Sydney & Remi.  Oh and Happy Birthday Sydney!! You turned 3 TODAY!!

There are just so many people to be thankful for of who I am today and why I’m writing this post.  Mom, Dad, thank you both for shaping the person I am now and for being there for me when I needed you every time.  Grandma, I know that you may not be with us anymore, but thanks again for all the fond childhood memories surrounded by your love and gentle care.

Last but not least, Chara Swodeck, for your ever so creative, fun inspirations and superb guidances.   And I sure did not forget your genius husband, Joshua Swodeck for his wonderful and selfless introduction to the social/media networking vehicle.

And now it’s my turn to take the rider seat and turn the throttle!! Although I haven’t decided what is the frequency and volume that I’ll be blogging but I’m “IN” this time and let’s get ready to blog!!

Love you all,

Amy Ling

Amy's profile picture in Paul's creation


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