Therapeutic #Culinary Creations

I wonder what people do when they are faced with obstacles in life, at work, within a relationship and uner all other circumstances..  Just things that are out of your hands.   All you can do is sit back, wait and see how things unfold when the time comes. 

No one can give you the answers you’re looking for, no one will give you the answers you’re yearning for..

At the same time, NO ONE ELSE but you, can change the perspectives you see things in life and set yourself free.

For me, creating culinary projects do just that!  It is a natural expression and presentation of the food materials I have in my fridge.  The concentration and progress of making something from raw materials with my hands to  complete culinary creations for viewing and tasting.

My thoughts go into what kind of dishes I’m going to make, the ingredients and how it should be presented to how the final creation is to be plated it in the end.  Further, I think about the choices of wine I can pair the food with the limited amount of wine knowledge I have.. 

Lastly, the satisfactions of tasting my creations and sharing them with my husband and good friend while sipping the #wine away on a quiet #Sunday evening.

Here they are, hope they can heal yours too, please email me for receipe, it’s somthing that I just created based on what I know, so I didn’t really go with any particular recipe but I can certainly write it down if someone’s interested:

– Sweet Jalepeno Lump Crab Meat with baby spinach and mozerella salad drizzled with balsamic reduction

Main Course:

-Rosemary Garlic Aussie Lamb Chop with Balsamic Garlic Shrimp


-Mint Chocalate Chips Ice Cream with Chocalate Cake (by Baskin Robins)


No need to understand the language to wa

No need to understand the language to watch this touching video by Tokyo Gas 東京瓦斯感人廣告_爸爸的炒飯,

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@leannrimes is even more beautiful in person, taken after #Grammy @Bazaar @SLS Hotel

@Leann Rimes is even more beautiful in person, taken right after #Grammy inside @Bazaar @SLS Hotel

It Reads “I, so and I (a guy’s name wi

It Reads “I, so and I (a guy’s name with his b-day nexy to it), hereby promise so and so (a girl’s name with her b-day) to wed her within 1 yr 7 month.. witness by 3ppl (including my cousin and his wife)”..This is written on a Paper Lantern (平溪天燈) that’s lit and to be released in the air… Having #Commitment issues? This is one way of declaring

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