#Mystery House Guest Appeared at #Breakfast Table??!!!

When my lovely daughters wake up this morning coming downstairs for their breakfast, they will find this mystery guest disguising him/herself by wearing a helmet.  Any idea who this is?  Join the fun of guessing game!  You still have a chance to invite this mystery houseguest to your dining table when your family is coming home for lunch or dinner in case you miss breakfast!

laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live,

amy ling
a creative, fun and loving mother and wife
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Have a #moment to Solve a Jigsaw #Puzzle?

What to do on your breaks throughout the day?  Some would choose to munch on a snack, take a short nap, walk outside to catch some fresh air… How about trying something new?  Solve a Jigsaw Puzzle to refresh and get your mind of the mundane routines with these Lemonade Bottles…

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